Gas detection

Gas detection is one of the most important measurement for personal safety. Gas is all around you and is it moving around.

For example if you light a incense stick in the corner the smell will be in the other corner is no time. That’s why measurements have to be done on multiple levels and places.

As gas is moving the most dangerous place doesn’t have to be the source, but the place it all collects and pushes the oxygen away or mix with oxygen to an explosion level. I think we all know that oxygen below 19 vol% ( instead of the 21 vol% ) is becoming dangerous, below 15 vol% it becomes affective on the person, no more clear thinking and handling, and lower can become deadly.


Very important to keep the detector well maintained. A bump test is good and important to see if the detector works, but a real good calibration is certainly important as a good service company does check all functions and detection of the detector.

For instant if we calibrate a detector we do monitor the response time of the sensor, if it goes to slow it is a clear indication the sensor is getting close to it end of life. Also very important to keep in mind, the detectors are for safety, not for measurements!.

Another common issue is that the hydrocarbon sensor also reacts to different gasses. For instance if calibrated for methane and it detects propane the value will be lower then the concentration of the propane is, which can lead to wrong assumptions of concentrations and safety.


Some simple basic points to keep your detector in good working condition:


1: After switch on do fresh air calibration ( in fresh air!)

2: Test the function of the pump before use ( most will have a flow alarm)
3: HC sensors are sensitive for poisoning like h2s, so check regular
4: Do a regular bump test, especially after high detection levels
5: Have your detector calibrated regular, see manual
6: If bump test or calibration is not good, replace sensors

7: Use your gas detector how it is meant to be, it is for your own safety!

8: Use original filters only and replace regular

9: Use common sense!


Below some Riken Keiki examples of gas detection. Xtech is official trained by Riken Keiki to service the portables and fixed gas detection. Of course we can supply almost every brand of gas detectors, portable and fixed.


If any questions please contact us for advise.

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