Calibration gases


Calibration gases are in many different types and mixtures for  gas detectors. It is important to determine which detector, sensor needs to be calibrated and if a single gas detector or multi gas detector.


Single gas detector

Advise is to use a single gas, such as methane, butane for flammable detection or toxic gas such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide or nitrogen for oxygen sensors. Using a multigas mixture is also possible, but it can give cross interference.



Multi gas detector

Most brands have configured there own mixture concentration in the detector, like Riken Keiki, BW, MSA, Draeger, Crowcon etc. Although often the concentration can be adjusted. Advise is to use the mixture the manufacturer standard uses to avoid problems.



Cylinder size and regulator

Disposable calibration gas cylinders are available in different sizes, like 34L, 58L and 110L. Of course the bigger the more expensive, but the 58L is most value for money in our optic. Besides the cylinders a regulator is needed and of course we can supply also those,  manual regulator with fixed flow or on-demand regultor.


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